Adrien Stevens received his education in the traditional schools of viticulture and enology in Chateau-Neuf and Changins. He worked in the companies of Stefano Haldeman and Sacha Pelossi, subsequently refining his knowledge based on the texts of François Bouchet, Nicolas Joly, and Max Leglise.

Since 2010, Adrien worked independently for various companies in the region, among which Vini Rovio Ronco, Viva Bacco, and finally Christian Zündel, with whom he still actively collaborates. In the meantime, he acquired some old vineyards in the municipalities of San Vittore, Breganzona, and Canobbio and started to make his first bottles of wine, while renting a small space in the company of Gianfranco Chiesa. In 2013, he obtained a historical wine cellar in the close surroundings of the municipality of Morcote, where he founded his small company.

After obtaining his degree in economic, including a two-year specialization at the department of Innovative Technology at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) in Manno, Patrick Ballabio worked for several years in the financial sector. Starting out in informatics, he later switched to the trading desk where he worked for 8 years as an execution trader.

After a sabbatical leave following his banking experience, Patrick decided to take the chance to join the young business venture founded by Adrien. Fueled by a desire to discover an entirely new world and to start afresh, Patrick immediately got enthused by the complexity of wine making, by working with utmost respect for the environment, and the intrinsic challenge in the wine cellar to make use of the peculiarities of each specific vineyard.

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